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 I have received an updated from National Grid. Due to a cable failure, the power will be out for a minimum of 8 hours. I will be holding a meeting at the community center at 3:00 PM today

About us

Learn more about our philosophy, who we are and how we work... get to know our competent staff.

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Our Facilities

NORTON HOUSING AUTHORITY has 144 public housing units. Our elderly/handicap development features contemporary-style two-story buildings. Our family development features townhouse-style duplex buildings. Our in-house maintenance staff keeps all systems operating efficiently, makes repairs in a timely fashion and maintains the grounds beautifully.




That's our motto at Norton Housing Authority. As a provider of affordable public housing in the area, we offer vital support to Norton residents, as well as other low-income persons. We understand the importance of dignified assistance as a means of improving the livelihood of an entire community.


In addition to our public housing facilities, Norton Housing Authority recognizes the importance of residents' needs, including access to outreach programs, special accommodations and other community services. By investing in a sense of community, we strive to empower those who have experienced either temporary or permanent setbacks.

At Norton Housing Authority, we do care about our residents!

Equal Housing Opportunity

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